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The style of personal structure of the Development and simple in the novels: Karwan Omar Kakasor

Yıl 2019, Cilt: 5 Sayı: 1, 137 - 166, 25.01.2019


Personality is an
important element in the creation of a novel. Because it has a special place in
the novel and the element of compilation and development all other elements of
the novel. So the character within the novel according to the stages of the
technical progress of the novel and there has been a significant change on the
concept, and that the portrayal and clarification of the features and qualities
of the actor and in a technical need to the skill writer of the novel.
Personality is the conversation of the novel and embody it and often express
the look and knowledge of the author of narration.

From this point of
view, we dedicated this research to show how the sophisticated and simple
personality in Karwan Omar Kakasor's novels is used to show this pattern. The
novelist sought to portray the personal components and, as needed, we have
benefited from several examples of his novels. This research consists of the
introduction and two parts: in the first section explain the pattern of
personality formation and in the second section showed the types of characters
and development and simple theoretical and practical. In conclusion, we presented
a result, a list of sources and a summary of the research in both Arabic and


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Sardar Ahmed Hassan GERDI
Salahaddin University

Awara Kamal SALEH
Erbil Polytechnic University

Yayımlanma Tarihi 25 Ocak 2019
Gönderilme Tarihi 29 Haziran 2018
Kabul Tarihi 21 Aralık 2018
Yayınlandığı Sayı Yıl 2019Cilt: 5 Sayı: 1

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APA Gerdı, S. A. H. & Saleh, A. K. (2019). The style of personal structure of the Development and simple in the novels: Karwan Omar Kakasor . International Journal of Kurdish Studies , 5 (1) , 137-166 . DOI: 10.21600/ijoks.516498

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