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Economic conditions in the province of Erbil since the late Ottoman rule

Yıl 2019, Cilt: 5 Sayı: 1, 211 - 236, 25.01.2019


Since the late
nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, Erbil has been
the administrative district of the province of Mosul. The fertility of its soil,
its climate, and its location was economical and prestigious — its inhabitants
have relied on agriculture to secure their lives. As they were interested in
the production of some of the crops and crops that this research focused on in
quantities and varieties of those products and crops accurately. Some were
self-sustaining, such as wheat, barley, rice, as well as some other cash crops
like tobacco and cotton. In addition, it has also been interested in the
production of fruits and livestock.  There is no doubt that each of these economic
journals did not depart from natural and human problems and obstacles, And it
was found to have affected the quantities and varieties of products and crops,
and this has a negative impact on the lives of farmers.

As for the financial
struggle in Erbil, the established financial system was the same as that which
existed during the days of the Ottoman Empire. In addition to the archaic
system, the Baathist regime had taken over Kurdish society — The lands of Erbil
were divided into different types depending on the royal stratification of the
Ottoman Empire, In the last section of this paper, we discuss the circumstances
surrounding the residents of Erbil in the years of the First World War.

 We have relied on sources from the Ottoman
Empire, the British government, and a number of Kurdish and Arab sources.


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APA Qader, M. M. & Khader, F. B. (2019). Economic conditions in the province of Erbil since the late Ottoman rule . International Journal of Kurdish Studies , 5 (1) , 211-236 . DOI: 10.21600/ijoks.516506

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